Kimeru - Fanletter for you

Let´s create the largest Fanletter ever for Kimeru together o(^ω^)o

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Hi ^-^

I´m an Kimeru Fan from Germany an thought about a way to show him the love of his Fans. That was when the idea for this Community came up ^-^ I want to collect lots of fanletters for him from all around the world and create one large letter out of them and send it to him as an X-Mas Present ^^ I don´t know if there has already been such an Project. If yes, sorry if I offended someone in any way. That wasn´t my intention. I just want to show Kimeru the love of his Fans. So, you´re interested? Fine ^^ Then join this community. I´m looking forward to manage this Project together with you.

So, let´s have fun ne ^-^

Some Rules

- Please just join if you REALLY want to paticipate
- Please comment when you join or write an entry
- because I´m moving into a new flat in June, I´ll be able to receive letters beginning from July, so please don´t send one earlier
- Please just send Letters, artworks and so on, no presents. This is going to be a large fanletter. no presentpackage ne ^.~
- this project will run until 30.11.2006